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Small Cell Networks and the Evolution of 5G

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  • What are the requirements that need to be met for 5G development?
  • What are the key components of 5G technologies?
  • How does 5G impact network design?
  • How is 5G being positioned in real-world business environments?
  • What are the early learnings from first commercial service launches?
  • What are the expectations of key vertical industries that 5G must meet?
  • What are the uncertainties and challenges of 5G development?
  • Which use cases with 5G are the most promising, and when?

5g smallThat’s what the 5G Briefing is all about. It’s a unique event, designed to facilitate the discussion of use cases and to present current best practice across key topics that are driving our industry.

The conference features one day of presentations and panel sessions, representing the cutting edge Next Generation Mobile Communications and a pre-conference workshop to provide an understanding of what the future of mobile networks will look like and discuss the 5G mobile network - the economic need and technical need for 5G and the various technologies that will support 5G mobile networks.

The 5G Business environment

5G will radically transform the communications industry and reshape peoples’ daily lives and business operations. Expectations are high, as 5G offers mobile operators new revenue opportunities.

The worldwide success of previous technology generations put mobile broadband into reach of the masses with ever-rising expectations for higher data speed, quality of experience, new applications and services. It has also grabbed the attention of small and large businesses, most of which have, or plan to incorporate, mobile voice and high speed data connectivity in their operations and business models.

With 4G/LTE established as the world’s leading cellular technology - with continuously evolving capabilities, how will 5G differentiate itself, how and when will it fully deliver its promise of superior performance and capabilities, richer features, and greater efficiencies to enhance existing services and open new markets? Who will be the 5G industry leaders and why?


Operators constantly need to invest in their networks and services to meet existing and evolving customer expectations, while planning for future capacity requirements and services evolution.

The road to 5G adoption is complicated and evolving. The scale and timing of new investments, in addition to internal pressures for maximizing the value of existing assets – including sites and spectrum, will be critical to business success.

  • Which market segments look the most promising for 5G and how can they be addressed?
  • More spectrum will be needed to fully realize the market potential with 5G.
  • When will new spectrum be needed, in which bands, and when?
  • How are regulators creating the environment for success of 5G?
  • How is the device ecosystem for 5G systems expected to develop?
  • What advice can infrastructure suppliers give to ensure the optimum path that operators should take to introduce 5G?

5G Vertical Markets

5G is the newest generation of technology and delivers major performance gains, many new features and capabilities which will enhance many of today’s services and enable new business opportunities.

5G’s inherent ultra-low latency performance will open up the possibility to address markets which demand “real-time” connectivity and communications, including for industrial automation, the transport sector including driverless vehicles systems, utility company operations smart cities /urban management systems and other critical communications needs.

Which are the most promising vertical markets for initial 5G deployments and what are their key requirements?

Which strategies are best to address the vertical segments and how should operators transform and evolve to create the new business partnerships?

5G performance expectations

5G is the newest generation of cellular technology and will build on the era of mobile internet ushered in by 4G/LTE and LTE-Advanced.

5G is a new kind of platform that not only delivers superior performance to enhance mobile broadband services but will also expand network capabilities to support new device types and services, and connect new industries, especially those sectors requiring “real time” ultra-low latency.

Expectations are high for 5G success with three broad use case types – Enhanced mobile broadband (introducing immersive experiences including AR and VR to a wider audience), mission critical communications (for emergency services, health sector, medical procedures, etc.), and the Massive Internet of Things (IoT).

5G is very fast (peak data rates ultimately up to 20 Gbps), but is not only about speed. 5G will mean more capacity with access to new spectrum, including use of millimeter wave bands as already deployed on some 5G networks in the US.

Which are the “pioneer” bands for 5G and the regulatory status in the various regions? Which are the key differentiating technologies with 5G and when will they be introduced? How long will 5G need to fully establish in the market?


The 5G Briefing event was stimulating, informative and had a great community feel about it. This was proven by the openness of the presenters and their willingness to share information and genuine opinions.

This was one of the best 5G events I have recently attended as it provided real and valuable industry discussions and learnings.

Bravo to the organisers.

Stephen Douglas, Spirent (5G Briefing, Frankfurt March 2019)

Insightful, interesting and valuable.

John Hallett, Rohde and Schwarz (5G Briefing, Frankfurt March 2019)

Many good ideas and inspiring thoughts.

Svend Lauszus, Danish Ministry of Defense (5G Briefing, Frankfurt March 2019)

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